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Entrepreneurship is storytelling that solves problems

What exactly that story looks like depends on your business. But some truths are universal. These samples of Quillpower client work illustrate the diverse possibilities for firing up your customer's journey with brand voice storytelling.

Website Rebrand

Valerie McDonnell opened her own social work practice with a DIY website on Wix and a profile on PsychologyToday. 

But she wanted to specialize in sex therapy and needed a website to educate readers about her expertise.

Yet she wasn't sure how to begin.

No stranger to seeking expert help, she turned to Quillpower for long-term brand development and website copywriting.


Here's how she rebranded her business, her website, and her social media marketing to become Richmond Institute of Sexual Empowerment (RISE to Intimacy).


With this new rebrand I finally feel like I'm exactly on track with my business, my website, my marketing material, and my path forward into digital education.

–Valerie McDonnell, RISE to Intimacy

Big Idea Development

Pamela Hock began her career as a forensic psychologist and expert witness on sex offender psychology. After a few years she started her private practice in trauma counseling.

But her story is much bigger than 1-on-1 therapy can contain.

As a survivor of sex trafficking from age 13-18, one of her paths for growing out of trauma is to tell her story on the public stage to help educate audiences and speak for the voiceless.

So how do you connect 2 very different services?

You need a Big Idea to bring it all together. For Pamela, that took shape as By Any Voice Necessary.

I had absolutely no idea how to market myself as a public speaker. Now I have a way to represent my client work AND my keynotes...and a future podcast!

–Pamela Hock, By Any Voice Necessary

Lead Generation

A landing page is part of a customer journey funnel with one specific purpose—whether that's developing leads, email listbuilding, selling a product/course/book, or whatever. It centers around one call to action (CTA) repeated several times throughout the story arc.

Check out this landing page I did for Rise to Intimacy to develop leads for her sex coaching practice.


It offers a free PDF download of a relationship communication workpack, and triggers a supplemental automated email sequence—that ends with an exclusive 10% off any coaching package.

Learn the difference between landing page and single page website, what to include in a landing page, and how to use a landing page once it's up.

We downloaded the PDF and it brought up some serious stuff, so we decided we needed help. We replied to the emails and set up a consultation that week.

–JPR, Lipservice participant

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Brand Voice Creation

Kristin Nicoletti is an Online Business Manager & Dubsado specialist who wanted an effective website and brand voice to represent her new agency.

Brand voice is the style, tone, and vocabulary that make your brand come alive. But it's also the consistency that imprints in the minds of your audience as a cohesive persona guiding them toward a better life.


Here's the website collaboration resulting from a brand voice refurbishment for KNA Agency, drilling down into business systems for the food & hospitality industry.

Learn what goes into creating a consistent, vibrant, effective brand voice—and how to use it in all your digital marketing efforts.

(See also: Brand Story Narrator – our free Brand Voice Guide template)

Working with Paul on developing my website & brand voice helped me actually figure out my business and narrow my niche. 10/10 would hire again.

–Kristen Nicoletti, OBM & Dubsado Specialist


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