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Entrepreneurship is storytelling that solves problems

What exactly that story looks like depends on your business. But some truths are universal. These samples of Quillpower client work illustrate the diverse possibilities for firing up your customer's journey with brand voice storytelling.

Website Rebrand

Valerie McDonnell, LCSW opened her own social work practice with a DIY website on Wix and a profile on PsychologyToday. 

But she wanted to specialize in sex therapy and needed a website to educate readers about her expertise.

Yet she wasn't sure how to begin.

No stranger to seeking expert help, she turned to Quillpower for long-term brand development and website copywriting.


Here's how she rebranded her business, her website, and her social media marketing to become Richmond Institute of Sexual Empowerment (RISE Coaching).


With this new rebrand I finally feel like I'm exactly on track with my business, my website, my marketing material, and my path forward into digital education.

–Valerie McDonnell, RISE Sex Coaching

RISE Sex Coaching
RISE Sex Coaching

Website wireframe
Website wireframe

Brand-consistent Instagram
Brand-consistent Instagram

RISE Sex Coaching
RISE Sex Coaching

Brand Journalism

I don't often bring up my journalism background because it's seldom relevant.


But sometimes a business's best way to connect with an audience is by sharing in-depth stories about happy customers and staff. 

Benchmark Senior Living is one such company.

Each month I interview residents and staff at various facilities about their experiences and background...and the stories go up on their website and appear in relevant local newspapers—driving website traffic, building trust, and boosting brand awareness.

I often point new prospects toward Paul's stories about the people who make up our community. It helps them understand what they gain here with us.

–Tom Grape, Benchmark CEO

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