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Choose the right vehicle for the road you're on

The right words in the right arrangement can change the course of human events...or soothe a fretful child to sleep. Imagine what the right words can do for your website & the people who see it.


Where would you go if you had the right ride?

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Website Copy & Development

Wireframe + web copy packages

Rebranding, updating, or even starting fresh—your website is the vehicle for your customer's journey. Keep it clear and simple, but personal and alive with relevant story.


Even if prospective customers find you through social media or word-of-mouth, they'll still check out your website to learn more about you. Make sure you have these 5 crucial website elements.


Cornerstone Content & Pillar SEO

Pillar page packages; ongoing content retainers

A pillar page summarizes a topic and links to several related blog posts (and other content pieces). Pillar organization boosts your SEO because it's user-friendly—which is the prime directive for Google's search bots.

But more importantly it helps your audience learn more about relevant parts of your business. Educated customers are the best customers. That's what content is for.

Email Marketing & Automations

Newsletters; direct response campaigns; automation packages

A healthy and well-groomed email list can carry you places no other marketing vehicle can go. And you can build it relatively cheaply using genuine human storytelling.

If you can convey value through email—and I assure you, you can—then you can set yourself up for massive returns in revenue and brand awareness. And you can automate everything. Imagine that...

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Brand Strategy & Evolution

Brand voice guides; brand strategy and management

If marketing is the story of a better life, branding is the language you tell it in. Brand encompasses more than just logo, color, and font. It's also tone and cadence, vocabulary and narrative pace.


Consistent language for a consistent story—how you solve problems and improve people's lives. Brand voice guides are a MUST if you have multiple people writing or working for you.

Entrepreneurs go where there's no road yet.

Empower your website for the journey.

Recent events have revealed a future carried out mostly online. More than ever before, the customer's journey starts at home—and most likely doesn't leave the building. 


So how do you stay afloat in the flood of digitalization?

Answer: Build a boat.

Whatever it is that you do for people, there are valuable aspects & elements you can offer online. From DIY recipes to productivity guides to daily WFH workouts...limited only by your imagination. Teach people something; surprise them with "trade secrets."


Your website is a library of helpful resources all leading to...more resources for having a better life. Priced according to value. If you've adequately explained why & how their life will change—they'll beg you to take their money. 


People don't buy things. People buy the better life things bring.

It's your job as a merchant to enchant them with a vision of that brighter future. You weave that spell through the power of words & storytelling.

"I'm an international security expert. But clueless about what I needed for my website. Thought it was just facts and info about my business, plus some pics. Paul showed me the potential I had no idea I was completely missing."

–James N.

SecTech Systems

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Quillpower Pricing Guide (3).png


Quillpower is a turnkey copywriting service. Retainers and/or projects are custom tailored to the specific needs of your customer's journey. My job is to tell you what's possible. Your job is to decide how big you can dream.


A pillar page links to several relevant pieces of content to educate readers about in-depth aspects of your business. More strategic and powerful than floating blog posts. SCOUT – 1690

  • 1 pillar page
  • Up to 3 pieces of accompanying content
GUIDE – 2290
  • 1 pillar page
  • Up to 5 pieces of accompanying content
PIONEER – 4200
  • 2 pillar pages
  • Up to 10 pieces of accompanying content


SINGLE PAGE – 690 What's included: Wireframe, copy, SEO metadata What it's for: Introductory website, product launch, list building FULL WEBSITE – 690 + 499 / page What's included: Website s trategy, sitemap, wireframe, copy, SEO metadata What it's for: Building internal traffic, explaining & selling services, educating viewers, SEO keyword capture, etc. OPTIONS & UPGRADES + Drag & Drop design – 399 / page + Lead magnet & list building – custom pricing + Canva branding consultation – on the house + Canva Brand Guide (colors, fonts, logo) – 1099 *Prices may vary based on scope. Schedule a call to discuss your project.


Billed by time committment to encompass a range of customer's journey storytelling—including brand voice guides & strategy, content production & management, email & newsletter management, direct response copywriting etc. SCOUT – 690/month

  • Up to 10 hours per month
GUIDE – 1100/month
  • Up to 20 hours per month
PIONEER – 1420/month
  • Up to 25 hours per month


SCOUT – 690/month

  • What's included: 1-2 high-impact pieces per month (blog, email, webcopy updates, etc)
  • What it's for: Educate readers, newsletters, basic SEO, social media links
GUIDE – 990/month
  • What's included: 2-3 high-impact pieces
  • What it's for: Driving website traffic, boosting SEO reach, email campaigns, gradual storybranding
PIONEER – 1690/month
  • What's included: Weekly pieces, and pillar page content strategy
  • What it's for: Building a brand, supporting high-dollar products, reaching multiple audiences


Email is the best way to connect with people who want to engage with your brand. A healthy email list can return significant revenue via direct-response marketing—or simply spread brand awareness. From newsletters to list-building, from simple welcome sequences to complex drip campaigns—email automations work while you sleep. All email packages include ConvertKit management. (Other platforms may require additional fees.) Schedule a call to discuss your project.


Want to Quillpower your own customer journey?

Quill hero

The Write Stuff newsletter is packed to the gills with actionable writing, storytelling, and marketing tips.

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You-Centered Process



We'll start with a 15-minute call about your business & website goals. I'll tell you what's working and where there's room for improvement.


If it makes sense for us to talk further, I'll send a customized strategy outline & wordwork proposal. If nothing else, you'll walk away with ideas for content & strategy.



Quillpower amplifies your voice. To get there, we'll schedule an hour to talk about your business, customers/clients, background & dreams, core values, and mission.


With that we'll build a strategy and I'll start laying the framework. If applicable I'll interview customers/clients to get a feel for their experience. Because that's what all this is about.




When the copy is polished and ready, I'll send the relevant invoice and then it's onward to the next phase—whether that's publishing, coding, sending, etc.

At this point I'll collaborate, upload, or hand off the words to be injected directly into your digital fuel pump. And you're off to the races...

"Working with Paul was so easy! I had this idea for a holiday oratory for all our members, but no clue how to begin. Paul's enthusiasm and patience turned stress into adventure, as we tried to figure out just what it was I wanted. He helped turn my idea into something magical that people still talk about!"

–Mary Wheeler

YPO Patriot Gold



If you like what the map shows ahead, we'll schedule a brief strategy session to finalize your scope & scale, according to your goals, budget, and timeline.


Then...contract, deposit, and it's full steam ahead. We'll share a dedicated GoogleDrive folder for all our work together. Other project sharing apps and tools we'll talk about as relevant.




Each piece rolls out in 3 stages: outline, draft, revision. Exactly what that looks like depends on the project. But you'll always get a chance to review each stage.

Like any language, storytelling is imperfect. And creative projects develop their own voice if you listen. Your business is a living story—so that's what we'll craft.


"Before we started I had only a handful of friends & family following my Instagram. Now I get new followers every day, and strangers telling me how much they appreciate my relationship coaching stuff. Plus it's never been easier to post: I just pull quotes from our blogs into my Canva templates."

–Valerie McDonnell

Sex Therapist RVA

What the FAQ?

Do you manage social media?

Depending on your needs, I can help you set your social media strategy. But my expertise is customer-centric storytelling, not trending hashtags or gaming the algorithms. My most successful clients build their social media output around the brand-voice blogs, video scripts, and website copy that I write for them.

How do I know what I need?

Every business is unique and has different needs & capabilities. Together we'll devise the right strategy & execution to give you the ROI you need for the budget you have. Your business is an evolving entity. You marketing should evolve with it. That's why Quillpower focuses on lasting relationships rather than high turnover. Schedule a call and I'll tell you what's working & what has room for improvement—no cost, no pressure.

Can you quillpower something I already wrote?

I'm happy to provide copyediting services, as long as you promise to disentangle any emotional attachment to your words and structures. If you're eager to learn the hows & whys of slash-n-burn rewriting, I've got a lot to teach. But if you're likely to be offended by me prompting "What does this add?...Anything? Delete"—then we'd probably have more fun collaborating from bulletpoints and brainstorms. I've also been known to ghostwrite trade publication articles, leadership speeches, autobiographies, and such like. Handled case-by-case.

Will you write a sample piece for me?

You mean for free? Hell naw. But clients often start with à la carte work before moving into retainer agreements. To test the waters in a meaningful way I suggest starting small and discussing your project and budget and what we can achieve with that.

Do you ever offer discounts?

My service prices usually only go up—but because everything I do is custom fit, there's room for negotiation and bundling. Schedule a call to talk further. I also offer a growing list of digital resources for DIY copywriting. Those will sometimes go on discount. Sign up for The Write Stuff newsletter to find out first.

Will I suddenly get rich & famous if we work together?

Define suddenly... For the most part, marketing is a long game. It involves strategy and laying foundations upon which to grow. Content marketing is about building a library of trusted resources, to support and solidify your audience's connection over time. If you have a large email list, you can make beaucoup bucks in one push—but most of my clients are looking for longterm gains to grow their business goal by goal.


Are you ready to write smarter, not harder?

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one 15-minute phone call.

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