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Custom website projects:
Build your brand vehicle

Your website is the vessel containing the life and soul of your brand. Its purpose is to carry your audience somewhere new.

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Save time & stress

Get found in searches

Connect with your audience

Leverage your brand story

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Without a website, your customers walk...

Whatever your business, you at least need a splash page declaring that you exist & why; who you help & how. Linking to where you serve your audience.


No matter how they hear about you, people will check your website for legitimacy & trust-building. To make sure you’re a pro who helps real people.

Why businesses need websites:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Hub for brand story & voice

  • Build trust & connection

  • Share testimonials & success stories

  • Explain services & process 

  • Provide value to prospects

  • Persuade, inform, and/or entertain

  • Collect & nurture leads

  • Call to Action (CTA)

  • Organize all other marketing efforts

But how do you get all that into an effective website?

Many businesses can get what they need into 3-5 webpages. But more complex services may require additional pages for education & deeper dives into relevant subjects.

And if you have multiple products/services, it's more effective (both for SEO & conversion) to have a unique webpage for each.

What webpages do you need for marketing?

Website organization is critical for impressing the searchbots indexing your site. Among other things, they’re looking for clear navigation and a positive, informative, easy user experience.


That usually means multiple pages, each focused on a specific piece of the customer journey, and all linking to each other in clear, meaningful ways.

Home Page

About Page


Contact Page

Individual service/ product pages

Portfolio & success stories

Resources & education

Blog articles on relevant topics

But how do you know which pages to include or leave off your website?

Put yourself in your ideal customer's shoes...


They get to your website. They want to know at a glance what you do & how you fit their search for better. Then they want to know about you as a company. If you seem trustworthy & qualified, they'll scope your services.

The more voice, proof, and human story you can offer; the better connection you'll make.


So build your brand story website with the necessary features, space, and power to fit the needs, comfort, and pace of your prospects....without tacking on a bunch of extra weight.


Give your audience a website to cruise through the journey

You're here to help people! Guide them to the promised land with a smooth, easy, compelling ride to the better life ahead.


Quillpower offers custom website solutions to fit your budget & needs.

Your business isn't built on a template. Why would your website be?

Custom website development for:

  • Coaches, counselors, therapists

  • Solar & other green companies

  • Cannabis & food consultants

  • eCommerce & product developers

  • Online business managers & VAs

  • Personal trainers & nutrition coaches

  • Security & technology services

  • Any small business with a story to tell...

Quillpower infuses your website with:

Powerful brand voice & story

Effective human connection

SEO strategy & metadata

Mobile optimization

Lead generation


How website development works

Easy as 1, 2, 3...

Quillpower is here to make your life & marketing simpler and more effective. 


Website projects are turnkey—so aside from being interviewed about your brand story & dreams, you won’t have to do much more than give honest feedback for revisions and sit back to watch your website unfold.

And I’ll work within your budget to produce something meaningful and effective. 

Example website wirefram
Wireframe: a visual outline of your website layout


​Onboarding Steps

  1. Discovery call (15 mins)

  2. Scope & strategy proposal

  3. Contract, first invoice, kickoff call


Website Development Phases

  1. Wireframes – via Balsamiq

  2. Webcopy & SEO – GoogleDocs

  3. Drag & drop webdesign – Wix


Launch Sequence

  1. Final revisions

  2. Click publish & go live!

  3. Troubleshoot

How much does a custom website cost?

Short answer: As little as $300/month via Quillpower payment plan

Overall though, it depends on your business, needs, and goals of course. For example, if you're just collecting emails for a newsletter, you may not need a full-blown multi-page website.

Payment plans run anywhere from 6-15 months, based on budget, scope, etc—and come with added value of website management & troubleshooting included!


Or you can pay in full, for a small discount.

My website must be working, because I keep getting more inquiries from the right kind of clients, who need and can afford the high-end food-science services I offer.

– Dr. Alan McClure

Elevated Edibles

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Your people deserve more than some jalopy website

Offer them a safe, effective, stylish ride as you guide their journey to a better life.

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