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What Is Brand Voice in Digital Marketing?

Brand voice website example

Brand voice is the style, tone, and vocabulary that make your brand come alive. It’s not your voice; it’s the voice of the guide that leads potential customers to solutions they need.

Your brand is that guide.

Every inch of your website and online marketing materials is a chance to leverage that voice to Persuade, Inform, and/or Entertain prospects (remember PIE from gradeschool English?)—and then nurture them into customers.

A consistent brand voice is one of the keys to building meaningful momentum across all marketing channels from social media to emails, from podcast ads to event printouts. Consistency helps imprint your message in people’s minds and sets the stage for human connection.

Whereas an inconsistent or irrelevant brand voice can shriek with dissonance and repel prospective customers on a subconscious level, before you ever get a chance to demo your excellent wares.

Understanding your niche

My client Kristen Nicoletti (KNA) is a business systems expert and Certified Dubsado Specialist who wanted a new website for her OBM agency—to help entrepreneurs and small businesses automate their lead development, client management, and virtual business operations.

We started with basic benefits of business systems and automations, how they save time and effort in the long run; working in a lot of general SEO related to online business management, tying in her background on executive teams at corporations and startups, adding bright smiling pics of her face, etc.

But she wasn’t satisfied.

The more she talked about her brand, background, and dreams; the more she thought about her future business and who she wanted to serve; the more she considered what would make her happiest—the more it became obvious that she needed to niche down and focus on the food & hospitality industry.

Food and hospitality…now you’re speaking my language!

Once she knew that about herself, she was visibly more excited about the website development process—and as we began revising KNA’s draft website to match her new niche, her brand voice rapidly took on a life