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How to ask for testimonials template

"Not only did I get more responses than I can use, but also had 2 lapsed clients schedule a session!"

–S. Foster, personal trainer

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How to ask for a testimonial

(and get a good one)

An easy-to-use GoogleForms survey template for getting specific and useful testimonials from satisfied customers.

Testimonial Please: Survey Template for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs 

You already know how important testimonials are, especially when it comes to building trust on your website and offering social proof that you help real people.


But how in the world do you get people to share? And even then, how do you make sure they give you helpful quotes?

The best social proof comes from third-party reviews like TrustPilot, Yelp, eCommerce platforms, GoogleBusiness, etc.

But when it comes to illustrating a point in your brand story, nothing is better than a tailored quote from someone who trusted you and saw a successful return:

"I actually changed a lot of the questions...but having the template and structure made me realize what I need to ask my audience, if I want to get solid quotes I can use for my newsletter.

–Erin Taub, Heard the Herd

Take the guesswork (and awkwardness) out of asking for testimonials.

Use the same template form we use to gather meaningful testimonials for Quillpower products and services.


Easily edit, delete, and/or add questions to suit your brand needs.

Specifically designed to help you:

Connect with customers

Get useable quotes

Tease out unique benefits

Enrich your brand story

For the price of—what is it, 2 specialty coffees?—you can skip all the scratchwork and brainstorming, and just fill in the blanks in our proven template for getting quality website testimonials.

Plus, send this evergreen survey out every month, quarter, or year (depending on how fast you get new customers) and build a sense of FOMO in your audience, as they see all these people enjoying success.

But even if you only use it once—wouldn't it be nice to tackle this important marketing task that's been sitting on your plate forever now?

*If you don't find it helpful within 2 weeks, get 100% cash back
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What you get:

  • Lifetime access & unlimited copies

  • Open-ended, adaptable survey questions

  • Sample intro webcopy

  • Incentive ideas

  • Email template for sending your link

  • Social media / shortcopy template

  • And so much more...

Ask and ye shall receive...or is this the squeaky wheel gets the grease?

"I've had GET TESTIMONIALS on my to-do list for about two years now, and I finally sent out my survey yesterday. Already got one really quotable response too. Guess I just had no idea where to start. Turns out Testimonial Please is how."

–Jason O, consultant

Testimonial template moneyback guarantee
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