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Straight-up GoogleDocs templates for busy website writers

Who's your Brand Story Hero?

(Hint: it's not you)

A comprehensive Ideal Customer Avatar tool for website writers & entrepreneurs who want to connect better with the right audience.

Brand story copywriter

"You helped me realize I was writing my website all about myself. Not about my clients. Filling out my Ideal Client Avatar profile helped me focus on them and how I help them with their problems."

–Valerie McDonnell

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Marketing is storytelling.
Everything else is just tools & tricks

The #1 problem clients tell me about their DIY marketing attempts is they don't know what to write.

What they should be asking isn't what to write—but who they're writing to.

Know thy audience.

Marketing is the story of the better life available via your products/services. And what's at stake if they don't accept your offer.

It's really that simple.

Every story is a hero's journey. Only question is—who's the hero and what must they go through to reach their goals?

Brand story marketing

The main character of your brand story isn't you—it's your Ideal Customer Avatar.

Download the BRAND STORY HERO free template & PDF workpack to help you develop and understand that character profile so you can target and connect with the right audience for whatever it is you're selling.

What you'll learn

Through brainstorming templates and writing exercises, you'll learn how to leverage empathy into effective brand story marketing. You'll learn to love marketing—because you'll be telling real stories for real people.


Forget about your resume. No one cares how much you love your work. Your inspiration sources don't matter.

You'll learn from this guide how to tell tight, focused, relevant brand stories that address what your prospective customers actually care about—their own life and how you can make it better.

Brand Story Ideal Customer Avatar tool


  • Why the Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA) matters

  • Traits to include for your ICA

  • How to grab attention with clear, concise stories

  • Channeling your ICA's fears toward positive results

  • Addressing doubts & concerns with empathy

  • Framing website content around your ICA

  • How to get effective testimonials

  • And so much more...

Plus get bonus resources delivered to your inbox:

+ Storytelling book recommendations

+ Website development how-to's

+ ICA Survey template (GoogleForms)

+ Testimonial Survey template (GoogleForms)

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"I have no idea how to write a bio. When I was doing my website, I straight up copy/pasted from my old resume. Then I found this guide about the Ideal Customer Avatar and I realized I was doing it all wrong—resume included. This template and the writing exercises helped me refocus how I think about everything on my website and eventual social media."

–Ari P

Ready to meet your Brand Story Hero?

Get the definitive guide for developing your Ideal Customer Avatar and take the guesswork out of brand story marketing.

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