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"You helped me realize I was writing my website all about myself. Not about my clients. Filling out my Ideal Client Avatar profile helped me focus on them and how I help them with their problems. My ICA's name is Shelly, btw. Not sure where that came from."

–Valerie McDonnell

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Marketing is storytelling.

Everything else is just tools & tricks

The #1 problem clients tell me about their DIY marketing attempts is they don't know what to write.

What they should be asking isn't what to write—but who they're writing to.

In marketing, the story you're telling shows the better life available via your products/services. And also what's at stake if they don't take you up on your offer.

It's really that simple.

The story you're writing is your customer's journey; from catching their attention to upgrading them with knowledge...from giving them tools to surmount their fears & obstacles to guiding them at last to the treasure.

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How can you write that journey without knowing the character who's going on it?

Your Ideal Customer Avatar is the character you keep in mind when marketing and writing your brand narrative. 

The Copy Compass is a FREE template & workpack to help you develop that character and target better leads. Build your business without wasting time and effort.

You'll learn...

Through writing exercises & prompts how to leverage empathy into effective story marketing. You'll learn to love marketing—because you'll be telling real stories for real people. Trust me, no one wants to read your resume. And no one else wants to read your journal.


You'll learn from this guide how to tell tight, focused brand stories targeting high-probability leads and drawing them in not with tricks but with real human stories well told.

The Copy Compass Ideal Customer Avatar template

You'll learn:

  • Vital traits for your Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA)

  • How to write your customer's journey website

  • Channeling your ICA's fears toward positive results

  • Addressing doubts & concerns with empathy

  • Framing content & social media around your ICA

  • What testimonials to use for maximum effect

  • And so much more...

+ Plus get 3 bonus resources delivered to your inbox:

+ Homepage how to

+ Blog basics & SEO checklist

+ ICA Survey template

And it's FREE—you have nothing to lose and a living, breathing brand narrative to gain.

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"I decided this year that it was time to get ourselves online. All we had was a crappy template website with stock photos. Like six posts on our facebook page. It didn't reflect our business at all. But walk-in traffic was basically zero so we decided—almost too late—that it was time to do it right. This Ideal Customer Avatar thing has been SO helpful in getting me started."

–Saar Goldin

"Where would I be without The Copy Compass? Oh probably playing in the grass somewhere wondering why nobody was reading my blog posts. Now I'm spending all my writing time on stories that help my clients—not musing about myself and my (mis)adventures in the city."

–Janine P