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Brand Story Navigator: Find Your Brand Voice

A beginner's guide to brand story & voice. 
Boost consistency and human connection throughout your website & digital marketing

Beginner's guide to brand voice & story marketing

"Our new Brand Voice Guide has really helped me to understand better just what I need for creating a solid brand & website, among other things. Quillpower has helped me suss out the important elements so I don't waste unnecessary time and/or money."

– Abhi Surabhi, Zenula Health Services

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Marketing is storytelling.

Every story has a hero, an audience, and a narrator. In digital marketing, the hero is also the audience.

But your brand story narrator isn't you, the entrepreneur—rather, it's the voice of the experienced guide who maps a safe route for the hero through doubts & hangups toward a better life.

Good guides make human connections with the people they're leading. They build trust by being vulnerable and transparent, while quietly demonstrating their expertise.

Good guides also plan strategically for what they'll say (and not say) to those in their care...long before the journey begins.

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Anything beyond that...

is just tools & tricks

Get our FREE brand voice resource and find your bearings!

Download the PDF workpack and lay the foundations for consistent & effective brand voice to connect with the right audience for whatever it is you offer.

What you get

A simple, user-friendly beginner's guide, Brand Story Navigator is a fill-in-the-blank PDF for developing key elements of your brand voice & story. Print—or fill it out right in the file.

The next step will be creating a comprehensive Brand Voice Guide for laying out detailed standards & expectations for yourself and anyone who might be messaging for your brand.


But we'll get to that...

Brand voice guide PDF resource

Your Brand Story Navigator journey:​

  • Refine your brand story

  • Map out your brand voice

  • Develop strategic core values

  • Hone your audience & storytelling

  • Understand & leverage your benefits

  • Learn the 7 Brand Voice Archetypes

  • Characterize your tone & style

  • Lay out brand essentials
  • Plot your next course

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"I have 4 people working on marketing and operations, in 4 different states. Our shared Brand Voice Guide helps us keep everything consistent across all, social media, client management systems, or what have you. Wherever you see Elevated Edibles, our voice and style sound the same; like a living person, not some patchwork frankenstein."

– Dr. Alan McClure, Elevated Edibles Experts

Why does brand voice matter?

People (i.e. customers) make decisions (i.e. purchases) based on feelings.

As humans we organize, process, and understand our lives & feelings through story. Background stories. Lessons learned. Dreams for the future.

Sex doesn't sell. Fame doesn't sell. Great features don't sell.

You (the customer) feeling something is what sells.

Good marketing offers a sneak peek of that feeling—through storytelling. Every story has a voice. Whether yours is haphazard & improvised, or strategic & a choice you get to make.

Brand Story Navigator offers a fun & effective sneak peek into the power of brand voice at your fingertips.

Calibrate your Brand Story Navigator

Tune up your brand voice & storytelling and plot the course for a customer's journey that leaves a lasting impression:

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