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About brand story marketing

In the beginning...


Quillpower was born at the brink of Covid, as a vehicle to help a burned-out service worker escape into the promised land of freelance writing.

Sparked by a sacred epiphany in the highlands of Iceland, the agency was up and running just as the whole world abruptly moved online—and suddenly every business needed a strong website and online brand voice.

Quillpower exists to empower your brand, so you can get found & clicked by people who need your help.

Storytelling is the magic that powers all other magic


Writing/marketing for The Startup
Cocktail column in Richmond, VA
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How I learned SEO
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Hi, I'm Paul Blumer


I solve problems with words. What I write for you has one aim: to land a payload for your audience. 


In marketing, your audience is also the hero of your brand story. Every bit of your messaging, wherever it appears, holds up a mirror reflecting a piece of their journey to a better life.

Good storytelling can have a resounding impact on people's emotions, thoughts, and—their choices.

Your website and marketing isn’t about you; any more than this About Page is about me…


It’s about your customer; and how your brand can uniquely enhance their experience on this Earth.


The perspectives, tools, education, and words available here will up-jump your business & entrepreneurship forever. 

Plus we'll have fun with it—because if you aren't having fun, damn sure your audience isn't either.

Why brand story matters

The Quillpower Mission:

Empower small businesses & entrepreneurs to connect better with their audience via brand-story education, resources, and services.

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Websites and SEO and content strategy...oh my!

The tools of marketing change with the times. But the fundamentals don't. You have a product or service that can improve people's lives—so how do you catch their attention and share your message in the 1-2 seconds you have to make an impression?

Whatever platform, the answer is storytelling.

Different businesses find success with different marketing channels and technologies. But one thing all successful marketers have in common is understanding how storytelling plays into human emotions, desires, and concerns—and leveraging that connection into action.

Brand story isn't your story. It's not your business' story either. It's the story of your customer's journey toward a better existence than they have right now. Your business is the guide that helps them get there.

Paul has the rare ability of understanding the mindset of people, to create effective & persuasive content that drives them to action. I always recommend Quillpower to my peers who recognize the importance of voice to engage & convert customers.

–Jenna B.

FinTech Americas

Marketing and brand voice

Find your voice.
Tell your story.
Make it loud.

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