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In the name of the Word

Ever since my first clumsy crayonwork I've been completely absorbed by the wizardry of storytelling. The power of putting pen to paper and projecting images, ideas, whole worlds into other people's thoughts...well who wouldn't be enchanted by such a possibility?


Quillpower is the latest evolution in that unending quest to help people find their voice and tell their story. Scroll down to read how that journey led me to copywriting...or I can tell you in person (virtually).


Cocktail column in Richmond, VA
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I'm here for the adventurers, the problem solvers; 

the relentless creatives & passionate visionaries invested in rewriting the future.

Look around. I'm not like other copywriters. I didn't go to school for marketing or communications. Never worked in some big content firm. Instead I studied storytelling. I traveled and talked to people. Learning how to capture the human experience in words.

I realized early that a good story well told can leave a resounding impact on emotions, thoughts, and choices. I recognized that influence in my own self—from Berenstain Bears onward—and set out to learn every angle of good & bad storytelling.

As a writer I solve problems with words. What I write has a mission: to land a payload for the audience. The words themselves mean nothing to me if they don't hit their mark. I learned long ago not to cling to anything I write—that storytelling isn't about the words themselves but rather the message it powers & the movement it inspires.

When I discovered I could use that narrative power to help businesses electrify their customers' journeys through copywriting—well there was no turning back. Welcome to Quillpower.

Paul has the rare ability of understanding the mindset of people, to create effective & persuasive content that drives them to action. I always recommend Quillpower to my business friends who recognize the importance of voice to engage & convert customers.

–Jenna Bos

FinTech Americas

The Quillpower Mission

My mission, should you choose to accept it, is to fuel the engine of your online story—wherever you want it to take you.

If you're driven to make the world a little bit better, for even one person at a time—Quillpower is your shop for spinning that story into gold.

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They fired you for what?

Yup. They fired me from teaching for having a beer at a restaurant. After a 1/2 day faculty meeting—meaning no kids in the building.


Y'see, technically I was still on contract hours, though I didn't realize at the time. But someone grudging on my principal did, and filed an anonymous complaint with Central HR—and from there it was a chain-reaction, zero-tolerance, contract-violation. No consideration for the circumstance; no thought for the 83 kids suddenly abandoned.

But my students survived and so did I—and getting fired from teaching ignited the afterburners of the entrepreneurial writing life I always wanted to live; so when life gives you lemons—make a Tom Collins.

I'm guessing you have your own fascinating story about how you got where you are. And I'm guessing you'd love to leverage that story for building trust, authenticity, and connection with the people you're trying to help.

That's why I love what I do. I help people help people.

Hi, I'm Paul Blumer


Storytelling is the magic that powers all other magic

Wanna know the real honest-to-goodness reason why I love working from home?


Find your voice.

Tell your story.

Make it loud.

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