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DIY Brand Voice Guide Template

A Brand Voice Guide is a critical marketing tool for businesses who want consistent, authentic brand story messaging & communication across the board.

Learn how to create your own Brand Voice Guide using our comprehensive step-by-step template 

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Brand Voice Guide template

Clarify your messaging

Connect with the right audience

Deliver a unique experience

Stand out & be more memorable

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Stop wasting money on lifeless marketing!

Vibrant brand story & voice are absolutely key for any effective marketing. People make decisions based on emotions. Storytelling is how we tap into that.

Whatever deep knowledge you have on the technical aspects of digital marketing—none of it matters if you're not connecting on a human level with the people who need your help.

Boring website & flat socials

Lack of focus & connection

Too many voices in the kitchen

Confusing or unclear process

Aimless GoogleAd spends

Without a cohesive brand story & voice, you're just shooting roman candles out into the void. Your audience seeing only obscure flashes of your brand's greatness.

Why you need a Brand Voice Guide

A comprehensive Brand Voice Guide is one of the best investments you can make in marketing your business. It will continue to pay dividends forever—by enhancing your messaging, drawing your audience closer, and uniting your team into one powerful voice... a Megazord of marketing.

Define your brand & purpose

Write so your website converts

Gain cohesion & consistency

Focus & energize your efforts

Outsource with confidence

Save time editing & revising

Want to stand out & catapult your online presence ahead of the competition? A detailed Brand Voice Guide is a precision rocketship toward better connection.

But a professional Brand Voice Guide will cost you at least $3,000-5,000

Solution: Build your own DIY Brand Voice Guide

I know what it's like to run a small business on a budget. Truth is, you may not need a full-blown professional Brand Voice Guide.


With the right structure & knowhow, a smart, creative person can craft their own.

That's why I decided to open up our Brand Voice Guide template; so folks like you can achieve professional results — without the professional pricetag.

Brand Voice Guide expert

"We love Paul's distinctive & unique style in our Brand Voice & Story Guide. We appreciated the prompt feedback and his ability to grasp essentials from our briefs & comments."

– Anna Zhitareva, Stereotype

What should go into a Brand Voice Guide?

What to include in your Brand Voice Guide depends on your business, as well as who will be using it and what you need it to accomplish.


At Quillpower we organize Brand Voice Guides into 4 parts, each with 4 elements. The exact language depends on the client, but the overall structure is the same.

Brand Story

  • Big Idea

  • Value statements

  • 3 brand pillars

  • Mission

Brand Voice

  • Archetype

  • Tone & mood

  • Style & cadence

  • Wordcloud


  • Pain points

  • Fears & desires

  • Struggles & triumphs

  • Benefits

Marketing Guide

  • Taglines & slogan

  • SEO brief

  • Call to action (CTA)

  • Use case examples

Brand voice guide template example

Quillpower's Brand Voice Guide template

Use this step-by-step template to craft your own Brand Voice Guide

Whether you do you own marketing, have a team, or contract it out—you'll enjoy peace of mind knowing that anyone messaging for your brand matches your voice & tone.

Fill out your template step by step, and walk away with a complete draft of your Brand Voice Guide.

Want extra value? Add a 1-on-1 session!

Upgrade your business & marketing:

  • Develop strategic brand story & voice

  • Understand your audience & connect

  • Gain insights about your business

  • Learn where brand voice fits in

  • Make a plan for what's next


Wherever you are in your business journey, it's always a good time to invest in what matters most. How much is the future of your brand worth? Here's your chance to take a big leap forward in all your marketing endeavors.

NaNoWriMo guide guarantee
Try it FREE for 2 weeks—if it it's not helpful, get 100% cash back!

Get the GoogleDocs template and work through it out on your own. Or opt into the free educational email sequence to get even more value out of it.

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Template + Strategy Call

Fill out your template and then schedule a 1-hour video session with Paul to cover any issues and strategize your next steps. Exclusive pricing—save $50!

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[Brand Voice Coaching] was incredibly helpful for advancing my website & social media. I appreciated Paul's patience and understanding about my lack of techno abilities. Highly recommend!

– Kristine Werth, Silver Rockit Jewelry

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Unmute your marketing

You're leaving money on the table, if your marketing is flat and lifeless. Energize your brand voice and tap into the power of story—to drive emotional connection with the right audience.

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