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What is Brand Story & Voice?

Digital marketing storytells the better life ahead. Your brand is the expert scout, guiding the hero's journey to success.


A Brand Voice Guide lays out standards & expectations for strategic & consistent brand voice on any audience platform.

*An essential marketing tool for any business with multiple team members doing brand messaging!

Brand development services

Develop your brand strategy

Clarify your messaging

Connect with the right audience

Stand out & be more memorable

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Problem: Inconsistent, ineffective, aimless marketing

Look, you know your business inside and out, right? All the education, the sacrifices, the technical jargon...

But your customers don't.

And here's a harsh truth:

They don't care.

They don't care about your passion. They don't care about your dedication. These things are baseline expectations for a small business.

So what is it that REALLY makes you stand out and seem trustworthy?

It's how well you connect with your audience on a human level, through storytelling.

Your brand story isn't about you. It's about them. And how their life is about to get better.

Boring website & flat socials

Lack of focus & connection

Confusing/unclear messaging

Info lists instead of human story

Untargeted GoogleAd spends

Without a cohesive brand story & voice, you're just cramming your audience into a powerless chassis and hoping for the best...

Solution: You need a Brand Voice Guide

Brand story & voice are the powertrain and drive controls of your marketing vehicle. People make decisions based on emotions. Storytelling is how we turn that energy into movement; by teasing the feelings they could have, if they choose your brand.

How do you develop a successful brand?

It all starts with the strategic story of why it exists and for whom. A Brand Voice Guide is the official user’s manual defining all the principles, values, and human connections that drive your customer’s journey & marketing success. 

"I had no clue how much I didn't know about brand voice, and the difference it makes in marketing. Connecting with new leads, yes...but also for nurturing existing clients."

– Elijah B.

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What is a Brand Voice Guide?

A comprehensive Brand Voice Guide is one of the best investments you can make in marketing your business. Invest once and get dividends for the life of your brand.


More importantly, you can rest easy, knowing that you have a powerful system in place for keeping every element of your brand messaging aligned and on course.

Define your brand & purpose

Outsource with confidence

Save time editing & revising

Message with consistency

Turbocharge all your marketing

Connect better with viewers

Want to stand out and offer unique connection & experience? Upgrade your ride with a high-performance Brand Voice Guide; give your audience a worldclass journey to the life they deserve.

What goes into a Brand Voice Guide?

What to include in your Brand Voice Guide depends on your business, as well as who will be using it and what you need it to accomplish.


Quillpower Brand Voice Guides are organized into 4 parts, each with 4 elements. The exact language depends on the client, but the overall structure is the same.

Want to see a real-world example of a Brand Voice Guide? Schedule a consult, and I'll show you one I did for a client.

Brand Story

  • Big Idea

  • Value statements

  • 3 brand pillars

  • Mission

Brand Voice

  • Archetype

  • Tone & mood

  • Style & cadence

  • Wordcloud


  • Pain points

  • Fears & desires

  • Struggles & triumphs

  • Benefits

Marketing Guide

  • Taglines & slogan

  • SEO brief

  • Call to action (CTA)

  • Use case examples

Brand voice guide template example

Quillpower's Brand Voice Guide template

Save time! Get a custom, turnkey Brand Voice Guide done for you

When we talk, I’ll tell you how many hours I’ve put into learning about this vital branding element, and how to write & develop compelling voices not my own. 


I’ll also be upfront about whether this is a good investment for you. Then if we decide to move forward, I’ll start by doing a lot of listening and asking questions. 

Based on what you tell me, I’ll brainstorm your Big Idea; the high-performance engine of your brand vehicle. Finding yours may take minutes or days. But it's there and we'll get it.

With that, I’ll start building out your Brand Voice & Story outline in GoogleDocs, with all the copy (verbiage) that goes into it. Once on track, I’ll design your full branded PDF document.


Then you’re off to the races!

Quillpower Branding Agency logo

Brand Voice Guide Development Process:

  • Discovery call (15-30 mins)

  • Scope & proposal

  • Contract + 50% invoice

  • Kickoff call (~1 hour)

  • GoogleDocs outline (1-2 revisions)

  • Branded design sample (1 revision)

  • Full Brand Voice Guide (1 revision)

  • Remaining 50% invoice & transfer to you!

How much does a Brand Voice Guide cost?

First, think in terms of investment, not cost. Invest once and level-up all your marketing endeavors forever. How much is the future of your brand worth?

But in straight budget terms—I confess I once did a BVG for $2500, and my business coach almost resigned. I'm a notorious & reprehensible under-charger.

That said, I am flexible & creative in my approach; I can still provide tremendous value within your budget. Click below for a no-commitment call to discuss:

Our Brand Voice Guide has paid for itself and more! I gave it to my team and we've already seen an increase in audience engagement, better quality leads, and repeat customers.

– Debbie Porter

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Would you trust an unpowered vehicle with no guidance system?

Your customer's on a journey, whether you’re driving or not

Don't trust your audience connection to fate: Save time & money, and get returns in every marketing channel you explore. Invest in a high-performance Brand Voice Guide—and never look back!

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