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Website & Social Rebrand – RISE Sex Coaching

What follows is a brief storyboard of a 2-part website rebrand and business strategy pivot.

  1. From social work to sex therapy.

  2. From therapy to coaching.

With the coaching model laid out, we created a whole new brand from scratch (via Canva) to develop a brand story website paired with Instagram management so she can grow her audience and concentrate on doing what she's good at: trauma-informed sexuality coaching.

Complete website rebrand (part 1)

When we first started working together, we focused on educational blog pieces to drive traffic to her contact form. At the same time, creating blog posts about sex therapy helped us discover what exactly she wanted her future new website to offer.

Her DIY website was friendly, precise, and simply structured. With reasonably consistent traffic from PsychologyToday.

But she wanted to bypass the PT clearinghouse and get Googled on her own merits.

In our first summer working together, I helped Valerie transition from general therapy to sex therapy through her new website called Along with monthly content offerings, the new website helped change her clientele toward a more specialized niche. Before long her website was tracking on the front page of our keyword targets.

At the same time, she raised her prices and stopped taking insurance (which gobbled nearly 30% of her hourly fees).

With the savings boost she was able to cut back on hours, which allowed her to open some time slots for pro bono cases—one of her longtime dreams.

All because of her new website.

But we didn't change any of her DIY colors or fonts—because this was always an intermediate step while we worked on a complete overhaul of her business model and educational website organization.

Like any good entrepreneur, Valerie wanted to grow—but not in caseload. In fact she wanted to leave clinical terms like "caseload" behind.