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Website & Rebrand

What follows is a brief storyboard of a 2-part website rebrand and business strategy pivot.

  1. From social work to sex therapy.

  2. From therapy to coaching.

With the coaching model laid out, we created a whole new brand from scratch (via Canva) to develop a brand story website paired with Instagram management so she can grow her audience and concentrate on doing what she's good at: trauma-informed sexuality coaching.

Complete website rebrand (part 1)

When we first started working together, we focused on educational blog pieces to drive traffic to her contact form. At the same time, creating blog posts about sex therapy helped us discover what exactly she wanted her future new website to offer.

Her DIY website was friendly, precise, and simply structured. With reasonably consistent traffic from PsychologyToday.

But she wanted to bypass the PT clearinghouse and get Googled on her own merits.

In our first summer working together, I helped Valerie transition from general therapy to sex therapy through her new website called Along with monthly content offerings, the new website helped change her clientele toward a more specialized niche. Before long her website was tracking on the front page of our keyword targets.

At the same time, she raised her prices and stopped taking insurance (which gobbled nearly 30% of her hourly fees).

With the savings boost she was able to cut back on hours, which allowed her to open some time slots for pro bono cases—one of her longtime dreams.

All because of her new website.

But we didn't change any of her DIY colors or fonts—because this was always an intermediate step while we worked on a complete overhaul of her business model and educational website organization.

Like any good entrepreneur, Valerie wanted to grow—but not in caseload. In fact she wanted to leave clinical terms like "caseload" behind.

Group workshops, outcome-based packages, digital courses—methods that wouldn't meet the diagnostic restrictions of the LCSW licensing board—that's where her service was headed.

Complete website rebrand (part 2)

After several months of strategy and development, she pivoted her business model from therapy to Intimacy Coaching.

That's when we began her complete website and social media rebrand.

She already had a lot of blog content and resources driving traffic from our ongoing content retainer. So the first step was organizing her evolving website strategy into a map.

RISE Coaching Website Map (basic)
RISE Coaching Website Map (basic)

RISE Coaching Website Wireframe

The next step is creating a visual outline for what the website will look like. The more navigable your website is, the better attention you'll get from the search engine bots who feed on good content.

For wireframes like this I use Balsamiq because it's a simplified and intuitive tool with real-world stylized elements.

Then it was time to decide on a few brand elements for consistency across every channel of her online voice. For that we again used Canva Pro's brand book feature, which gives you a toolbox to organize all the brand elements you need for website development.

What you need for a website rebrand

  • Colors (4-5 including B&W)

  • Fonts (serif, sans serif, style)

  • Brand voice and tone keywords

  • SEO keywords

  • List of benefits (not just features)

  • List of pain points

  • Attention-grabbing taglines (ready to go)

  • Profile of your Ideal Customer Avatar (your audience)

Keeping brand elements consistent will make sure your website looks professional. More importantly it will provide a consistent imprint in viewer's minds—whether they're on your website, your social media, or your value-packed newsletter.

Here's what that looks like for Valerie's new website


With her Instagram using the same consistent brand elements, she's ready to expand her marketing and transition her revenue stream from 1-on-1 hourly therapy sessions to group coaching, monthly packages, and digital products for sharing her value with an even broader audience.


Questions about the website rebrand/copywriting process? Reach out.


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