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21 Taglines:

DIY Short Copy Bootcamp

Master the brainstorm, focus your brand message, and practice short-copy brand storytelling.


Your customer is the hero on a transformational journey to a better life.


Brand is the guide that helps them overcome obstacles. Taglines are how the guide points the way. Telegraph the value. Clear and crisp.

The What

A self-directed copywriting workout for anyone who wants sharper brand voice storytelling that you can do for 34 minutes each day as a warmup. (Or just do one whenever you feel like it)


Before you begin, make sure you understand the difference between features and benefits. Good taglines promise a benefit.

The Why

A general copywriting rule of thumb: 8/10 people read the headline—and only 2 of those read beyond.


So if you want to write more effective copy, the first thing to master is the tagline. And if you want to master something—you have to make practice a habit.


Ultimately this exercise is all about the value proposition. What’s at stake to be gained or lost? What’s the better life at the end of the customer’s journey?


Practice how to tell it quick. Using brands you already know. 

The How

Download the GoogleDoc template and make a copy. Pick (or invent) a brand or product and write 21 new taglines to grab attention and tell the beginning of a transformational story.

Pro tip: Use a fresh legal pad or notebook to handwrite your brainstorms and drafts. Then transfer into the template for revision. Handwriting activates a different part of your creative brain. Like working those tiny balance muscles at the gym.

The Rules

  • Keep each tagline within 10 words

  • Keep them value-oriented & customer-centric

  • Don’t be a perfectionist: put in 75% effort consistently

  • Finish each set of 8 with one for your own brand


  1. Set a timer for 13 minutes and brainstorm as many benefits as you can think of.

  2. Set a timer for 21 minutes and turn those benefits into taglines.

  3. Transcribe your 21 best taglines into the doc and read each out loud.

  4. Rearrange and trim for clarity & simplicity.

  5. Write your reflections.

Think of this as going to the gym. Do the work—but don't spend all day at it. Good luck! You got this.

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