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Covid Vaccine

The other day I got my 2nd Pfizer vaccination. I'll go ahead and pat myself on the back here because I consider vaccinations a community service.

But I also understand people's fears about it. Good taglines take existing fears and turn them into opportunities. Persuasion is perception.

This is also a good "brand" to practice on because it requires a lot of empathy about people's experiences and concerns.

The Pfizer Covid Vaccination:

  1. One small poke in the giant relief for all your time

  2. Roll up your sleeve and make the world a bit safer

  3. A transparent tattoo for real patriots

  4. Make seeing grandma safe again

  5. Performance enhancing drugs for your immune system

  6. All-access pass to summer concerts and festivals

  7. Blocking deadly protein spikes since 2021

  8. Covid? Never heard of him

  9. A yearlong sigh of relief—free!

  10. Exercise your right to bare arms against a common enemy

  11. Join the exclusive club of Covid immune patriots

  12. Vaccine card: a short petition to remove Covid from your life

  13. Think of a new excuse to dodge the dinner party

  14. Sore arm for a day—or infected lungs for life?

  15. Now with zero nanotechnology!

  16. You’re not a fighter if you can’t take a little jab

  17. Thin metal line: join civilization’s stand against coronavirus

  18. Start practicing your smile again

  19. Reminder: this summer you’ll need sunscreen for your nose

  20. Less hassle and pain than you think

  21. Your exclusive ticket to safe indoor dining


This one was fun. I love getting silly-serious about important things. Obviously a tagline will never change anyone's mind—but it might get someone to read further.


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