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21 Taglines: Brand Story Bootcamp

This simple digital download is a website copywriting exercise for practicing short copy—the most difficult and most important type of copywriting.

For small businesses, entrepreneurs, and anyone who's writing websites, 21 Taglines is a structured DIY method for sharpening your ability to begin an eye-catching story about the benefits your brand offers.

The game is this: Pick a brand or product (real or imaginary) and write 21 taglines pointing to the benefits (not the features). Less than 10 words each.

Welcome to 21 Taglines: Brand Story Bootcamp

  1. Tagline writing exercise for brand story websites

  2. Kickstart your brand story in 30 minutes

  3. Unlock your brand voice superpower

  4. Master the art of short brand messaging

  5. Pro copywriter's tool for sharpening brand story

  6. Master the tagline (and other magic spells)

  7. The skeleton key to conversion website copy

  8. TAG, you’re it! How to draw in your audience

  9. Brevity with benefits: writing seductive taglines

  10. The brutal secret of website copywriting

  11. Webcopy writer’s block? Here’s a jackhammer

  12. 8/10 read the headline—what makes them read more?

  13. Become a tagline master in 8 short weeks

  14. Better messaging for less time than going to the gym

  15. 30 minutes a day keeps the bad writing away

  16. Make every turn of your customer's journey irresistible

  17. Because one blink is all you get to make an impression

  18. The entrepreneur’s solution to ineffective website copy

  19. DIY workshop for budget brand story marketing

  20. 30 minutes to conversion website success

  21. No time? Outsource it to your marketing person


The key to this game is going to be lots of brainstorming (which suits me just fine). Bring on the yellow legal pad, flowing pen, good music, and a little pinner—scribbling down everything that comes to mind no matter how stupid. Otherwise it sticks and you can't get rid of it like plaque in the artery of ideation.

I must admit I went a little over the 30-minute mark. But I know that'll change as my mental muscles limber up.


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