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RISE Sex Coaching

This one is doing double duty. My client wanted to rebrand her website from sex therapy to coaching. We've been working together for a long time, so I have a better than average understanding of what's at stake and what's on offer.

Flipside of that though, is that I've seen how the sausage is made. I know a whole lot more than the audience, which can lead to over-complexifying things.

Richmond Institute of Sexual Empowerment:

  1. Intimacy coaching and sex-positive education for individuals and partners

  2. RISE to self empowerment

  3. Because you deserve good sex—whatever it takes

  4. Learn self advocacy and clear communication

  5. Jumpstart your intimacy and recharge your love life

  6. Recover, rekindle, rediscover, release

  7. Finding sweet release: meditation and other masturbatory techniques

  8. Understand each other better, get closer, grow together

  9. Institute for sexual curiosity, support, and guidance

  10. Because not everyone has problems—but everyone can grow with guidance

  11. Guide to whatever rabbit hole you choose to explore

  12. Warning: your sex life’s about to change

  13. Stabilizing mental and sexual health since...wait what year is it?

  14. Live the sex life you dream about

  15. Get your mind out of the gutter...and into the sheets

  16. Sex life after trauma? Absolutely

  17. Don’t give up! Try this first

  18. Recenter your sexuality and make satisfaction a reality

  19. Begin your journey inward to a new sex-positive you

  20. Therapy holds up a mirror...coaching opens a door

  21. Nothing to lose—only your wildest fantasies to gain


This one was both inspirational and challenging. Some of them even made it onto the website. Some others may yet wind up on future pages.

Hence the GoogleDoc organization. Don't underestimate the power of revisiting old inspiration. Even if it's negative inspiration about what not to do.


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