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What makes a website stand out?

Marketing is about channeling your Brand Story & Voice into the most effective pathways for connecting with people who need you.

Quillpower refines your story into jetfuel for the customer's journey.

Hero's journey brand story marketing

It's all about where you take your audience...

Entrepreneurship is storytelling that solves problems

An effective website shows a living snapshot of how your business can improve the reader's life.

Quillpower offers an array of digital marketing services to remap your customer's journey and make your website vibrate with the power of your brand voice & expertise.

"Clients tell me all the time how much they appreciate the educational resources on my website, and the various stories they resonate with, that made them feel connected and led them to schedule their first consultation."

–Valerie McDonnell

RISE to Intimacy

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"I was overwhelmed and struggling to verbalize my story and provide the world with a compelling reason to do business with me. Paul made me feel validated and professional. He was able to turn my thoughts and notes into a complete story"

Where there's a quill, there's a way.

Whatever your business is, you're offering a plot-twist in your customer's life journey. You're that friendly wizard who appears in the nick of time—with the exact right tool they need to surmount their obstacle.


Like any good guide, your job is to explain the stakes and reveal the solution. The rest is up to your customer.


Marketing is all just different ways of capturing attention and telling pieces of that story. Different parts of a choose-your-own-adventure that leads either to a better life...or the same old situation.



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Quillpower offers custom fit and evolution for building your brand at your own pace. Read more about what's possible:


Paul Blumer, brand story copywriter

"Paul has an impressive ability to understand our voice and portray our services in a way that our clients connect with—bringing eyes to our website and helping prospects understand the value of working with us."

–Philip O'Connor, Owner

SPARK Product Development

Why am I holding this drill?

There's an old axiom in advertising: Sell the 1/4" hole, not the 1/4" bit.

What it means is, people don't buy things. People buy the life improvement that things bring. 


Brand voice is how you tell the story of that better life.

My Master's is in narrative writing. I'm an expert in compelling storytelling, consistent voice, and human connection.


Marketing is a hero's journey starring your ideal customer.

I'll help you step into the shoes of your audience and illustrate the benefits (not the features) of your brand.


Ready to fly farther faster?

Click below to tell me your hopes & expectations for your website.

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