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Get your story on track.

Your website is the vehicle for your customer's journey. Quillpower copywriting is a workshop of tools for building your engine & fueling your creative drive into a future of human connection & profit.

Entrepreneurship is storytelling that solves problems

An effective website shows an evolving snapshot of how your business offers a better version of life.

Here you'll find an array of copywriting tools to remap your customer's journey and make your website vibrate with your voice & expertise.

"My mind has been overflowing with creativity since we started working together. More, better clients and plus I'm having so much more fun with my business now that my website has a pulse!"

–Valerie McDonnell

Sex Therapist

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"We struggled for a long time with how to announce the new head of our Nantucket office to clients & contractors. Paul came in and wrote exactly the newsletter we were picturing. He nailed it. All our future writing needs will be through Quillpower."

–Heather Goodnow

Woodmeister Master Builders

Where there's a quill, there's a way.

Quillpower is born of the notion that we're all storytellers in different ways. Whatever your business, you're offering a plot-twist in your customer's life journey. You're that friendly wizard who appears in the nick of time with the exact right tool they need to surmount an obstacle—be it health & wellness guidance, smart & green technology, photography services, pet care & products, or whatever.

Quillpower is driven by the freedom of custom fit and evolution. It's a menu of tools for building your brand. An inkwell for your online voice—not some fill-in-the-blank MadLibs of marketing. (Though if you want a MadLibs for marketing, I'll craft you one that kills.)

Click NO further if:

  • You're satisfied with your website as a mouthpiece for your business

  • You're maximizing every available channel for traffic & leads

  • You have plenty of time for writing & strategy

  • You aren't ready to reignite your passion & energy for the work

Otherwise, venture inward...

They fired you for what?


That's the response I hear from 8/10 people I tell my origin story to. The other 2 either don't believe it or express shocked rage too explicit to grace my public front.

That experience—being entirely dependent on an organization that could cut off my head like that over nothing—made me swear off employment forever; and instead entrepreneur my own way through life.

So I assessed my strengths and discovered that my education as a master of narrative could actually be put to lucrative use (Hi mom!) in the melee of modern marketing—so now I help entrepreneurs and creative small businesses find their brand voice & tell their story in a way that sells.


Picture your website as a choose-your-own-adventure that ends in money. Your narrative is unfolding, whether you control it or not.

I was a teacher, by the way. Betcha can't guess why they fired me...


"Paul has the rare ability of understanding the mindset of people, to create effective & persuasive content that drives them to action. I always recommend Quillpower to my business friends who recognize the importance of voice to engage & convert customers."

–Jenna Bos

FinTech Americas

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