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  • Everybody Writes

    Everybody Writes

    Ann Handley

    Got a business? You're a content producer. Learn how to do it well.

  • Ogilvy on Advertising

    Ogilvy on Advertising

    David Ogilvy

    Wisdom from one of the "godfathers" of advertising.

  • On Writing

    On Writing

    Stephen King

    Musings on the actual craft of writing by one of its masters.

  • Our Magnificent Bastard Tongue

    Our Magnificent Bastard Tongue

    John McWhorter

    On the origins and construction of our language.

  • Productivity Planner (un-dated)


  • Sin and Syntax

    Sin and Syntax

    Constance Hale

    Know the rules so you can break the rules.

  • Story


    Robert McKee

    Principles of storytelling; how to control the narrative.

  • The Slight Edge

    The Slight Edge

    Jeff Olson

    The achiever's handbook; applying compound interest to every aspect of life and self-improvement.

  • The War of Art

    The War of Art

    Steven Pressfield

    How to keep creating in the face of Resistance.

  • Understanding Comics

    Understanding Comics

    Scott McCloud

    How imagery and design create emotional appeal for effective storytelling.

  • Writing notebook

    Writing notebook


Just the Basics

Just the Basics

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