Hey I Effed Up

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I beg your forgiveness.

Last time you saw me I was probably stirring or shaking something strong for you in Richmond. Like this comic:

You’re getting this email because once upon a time I made you a cocktail so delicious at RogueRVA that you signed up for my “Rogue Revue” newsletter.

And in a cosmic mishap, the list you're in got mixed in with my friends and clients of Quillpower and...I didn't have it organized by tag.

Rookie mistake.

So here we are. Together at last.

If that bothers you, my sincere apologies. Scroll no further. Unsubscribe here and help me sift the list.

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Still with me?

Good. Now that we’ve cut the fat, we’re free to ride.

Can you believe just one year ago (plus a month, I know—they say procrastination is a sign of intelligence) we were sabering champagne on a cold New Year’s night, celebrating the final service of a cocktail legend?

After the fall of Rogue there came a brief reign of chaos. Factions split off for parts unknown and reconstruction limped along...

Finally Restaurant Adarra opened its doors where Rogue once stood. Go visit. It’s enchanting.

But then I took my leave of the bar business. It was time to build my own thing. (American Dream and all that.) And my own thing is Quillpower:

From craft cocktails to craft copy. Not behind the stick—behind the quill.  Instead of getting you drunk...I’ll get you richer and wiser.

(If you think those are cute you should see the tag I chose for my website.)

Anyway I’ll leave it at that because I’m supposed to be working on a blog post for a client about an MIT physicist who worked on Apollo 11...and later kept us safe by monitoring Soviet thermonuclear tests.

Hush though—he’s not allowed to talk about it.

So belly up if you’re into the kind of storytelling a former cocktail bartender might traffic in. What can I pour you? 

Oh! Quick, before I forget: 

Hit reply and tell me a fond memory or some ridiculous drink I concocted for you long ago. Get me into your inbox where it’s warm and cozy and the bar is full of friends and nothing’s ever 86'd. What’s your favorite cocktail these days? Where has the road taken you since last we spoke?

Seriously, I want to hear.

Quillfully yours,


PS  – If you missed your chance to get RogueRVA's Fernet Branca tshirt, you can still get one here (while supplies last).

PPS – Ignore my next letter where I reveal my embarrassing New Year’s Resolution and my trick to making any resolution stick. Hint: it’s all about gamification.

Where there’s a quill there’s a way. –someone smart

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