Social-Distancing Silver Lining 😷

Well friends,

Quarantine sucks. (Unless you're a freelancer—then it's an excuse.)

Small businesses are suffering—especially restaurants like the ones in Richmond it's my job to write about. Please buy giftcards online from your favorite locally owned places. See if they're offering carryout options. For them there is no work-from-home.

But of course food service isn't the only industry affected.

One of my clients is a sex therapist social worker who focuses on PTSD therapy. A few years ago she started her own practice and for months she's been toying with the idea of adding teletherapy as a service.

Now coronavirus has tipped her hand.

Instead of panicking in the face of canceled sessions and frightened clients, she decided to channel the energy into providing a new angle of value. Weeks before the pandemic, she kicked off the next phase of her business—a content strategy set to launch next week. And now that content will help her market teletherapy for clients stuck at home.

A real lemons into lemonade situation. With her new content as the sugar.

That's what entrepreneurs do. Adapt. Leverage crisis into opportunity. (I don't mean profiteering or gouging—that's gross—just getting creative with your value.) The demand for therapy services hasn't changed—but it has moved online. So she's following the market.

Have you been wondering how to keep your business moving through these weird times?

Launch your newsletter. Develop your marketing content (start here). Offer value online with relevant guides, checklists, etc. Just like washing your hands and coughing into your elbow—you're supposed to be doing it anyway.

Need help wording your covid-19 outreach? Reply and ask me anything. (For newsletters, btw, I recommend ConvertKit—it's so easy even a techno-dummy like me can use it)

What are some of your ideas for social-distancing your value?

Quillfully yours,


PS – Yes these are affiliate links—which means I earn a pittance per new user. So if launching a newsletter is one of your strategies for keeping contact while social-distancing—do it with ConvertKit and support a local writer.

PPS – For service-industry types I'm offering a special pandemic rate on email outreach. Hit me up.