The Distracted Genius Guide

Knowing Your Audience

ICA Lesson 1: About Us is about THEM


40 mins

Your About page is the first thing people click after finding your website. Don't be one of those brands with a dull or barren bio. Use customer's-journey storytelling to build trust and establish your expertise. This is the part where your Ideal Customer Avatar meets the guru.

Think of your About page as a sales page for your brand. AIDA principles still apply: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. Leveraging that requires knowing your audience and understanding the benefits you offer.

Copywriting prompt

Use your Distracted Genius Guide to narrate these 4 ideal customer avatar scenarios to re-examine your About page content. 

Pro tip: Write by hand in a dedicated notebook.


For each scenario set a 10-minute timer. Keep your pen moving the whole time—even if it turns to gibberish. Remember: writing is rewriting.

DIY copywriting tips

Scenario 1: You step into an elevator and there’s your Ideal Customer Avatar. In the space of ten floors explain your business and how you help people.

DIY copywriting tips

Scenario 2: You notice your ICA is struggling with a problem you can solve. Address the problem and explain your solution. Tell your ICA about someone who found relief because of your business.

DIY copywriting tips

Scenario 3: Your ICA reaches out asking how you knew they were struggling and why you care enough to make it a business. Meet for coffee and explain your background helping people like them and why they should trust you.

DIY copywriting tips

Scenario 4: Your ICA seems convinced. Explain your services and what they should do next.

For best results...

Read what you wrote aloud and make notes. Then turn to a fresh page & repeat the exercise 2-3 times without referring to the previous draft.


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