The Distracted Genius Guide

Knowing Your Audience

ICA Lesson 3: Essential email tricks


40 mins

Email automation is the most powerful marketing tool since the word FREE. It brings your sales pitch right into the comfort of would-be customers' homes and pockets—meaning they already trust you that far. Don't disappoint. Like all marketing strategies it's a conversation of value and persistence.


People are busy. And the average inbox receives 121 marketing emails every day. So how do you stand out? Well good news is, most of them are trash. We'll get to that...but first here's your mantra:

Out of inbox, out of mind.

Out of inbox, out of mind.

Out of inbox, out of mind.

4 essential categories of email sequences


  • Opt-in

  • Behavior tag

  • New purchase

  • Milestones

DIY copywriting tips


  • Survey

  • Soft unsubscribe

  • Tags

  • Opt-in links

DIY copywriting tips
DIY copywriting tips
DIY copywriting tips


  • Education

  • Benefits

  • News & updates

  • Testimonials

DIY copywriting tips


  • Promos

  • Social shares

  • Website traffic

  • Re-engagement

Whatever type of email you're writing, make sure it leads somewhere and provides value. Don't just pump out promotions and discounts—engage and enrich first. Educate and entertain and build human trust...which will lead to loyal customers and higher profits.


Automations are your Ideal Customer Avatar's best friend. But they require some strategic thinking. Otherwise you're writing emails on deadline.

DIY copywriting tips

Copywriting prompt

Good news! Your Ideal Customer Avatar has opted in on your site. Use your Distracted Genius Guide to write the first 3 emails of their customer's journey.

Easy as...

DIY copywriting tips


Thank them for trusting you.

Deliver the promised value. 

Hint what's coming next.

<100 words

Welcome to exciting value!

DIY copywriting tips


Introduce yourself and biz.

Anecdote: why you're here.

Customer story/testimonial

~200 words

Why we do what we do

DIY copywriting tips


Quick story re: ICA pain point.

Summarize a relevant blog post.

Link to content.

<300 words

Learn more and CTA

Remember: write conversationally, like you're telling a story to a peer.

Keep it simple. Human to human

  • Greeting

  • Item of interest

  • Value you're sharing

  • Why it's important

  • What's next

  • Valediction (goodbye)

  • PS (optional)

For best results...

Read each email out loud and make notes. Revise and cut the fat. Then write 10 subject lines aimed at curiosity and pain points.

Ready to take your ICA to the real world?

I recommend ConvertKit for their easy-to-use dashboard and visual sequencing. Plus they have A LOT of segmenting tools for those interested in the deep dive.

Use my link and tell them I sent you.

BTW, did you realize...?

You're in a customer's journey funnel right now! Wanna get a little meta? Here's what it looks like mapped out from a god's eye view:

DIY copywriting tips

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