The Distracted Genius Guide

Knowing Your Audience

ICA Lesson 2: Blog basics for human content


40 mins

Any website that wants to get found by people with cash needs evergreen content for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Usually that comes as a weekly blog of articles relevant to services and clientele. Content can be about anything...benefits, features, industry news, etc.


Think of your blog as a library of knowledge for helping your Ideal Customer Avatar on their quest for a better life using the type of magic you offer.

Copywriting prompt

Use your Distracted Genius Guide to write a guest blog post as your Ideal Customer Avatar explaining something they learned about your product or service.


Link to reliable sources as necessary. Write it in third-person (no I or we) if you can.

Example: A gym owner might publish a guest post from a member explaining how they learned the safe way to deadlift. Or a life coach might post a guest blog from a client about the effects of mindfulness on productivity.

Whatever the topic, use this order:

  1. Grab attention

  2. Describe the problem

  3. Highlight unsuccessful attempts

  4. Reveal the true solution

  5. Explain its uniqueness

  6. Show how it can change a life

  7. Next steps/cliffhanger

  8. Call to action

Start with an outline and bullet the points you want to make. List 3-4 relevant SEO keywords & phrases. Flesh out your points with anecdotes, facts & figures, and other persuasive elements. Tie it all together with a relevant theme.

Remember: write conversationally, like you're telling a story to a peer.

For best results...

Read what you wrote out loud and make notes. Then open a fresh document and write a unique 2nd draft without referring to the previous one.

Feeling stuck? Use a timer to write in 12-minute intervals. Take breaks between—but don't stop writing when the timer's on.

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