Find your voice. Tell your story. Make it loud.


Copywriting your Customer's Journey

What if you could...

  • Defeat the clock

    and reclaim your time

  • health and wellness copywriter

    Drive organic traffic

    and not a dime to Google

  • Engage an audience

    and enrich their lives

  • health and wellness copywriter

    Forge connections

    with masterful storytelling

  • Make more money

    and solve more problems

Make it happen.

(yes you can)

Catch yourself reading your own website. Again.

You've tapped into something extraordinary. Something that can change lives. Something worthy of passion.

The world needs to know.


You need words. Words of power, words that sell. You need words that sound like you.

(i.e. your brand voice)


I'm Paul Blumer​. I'm here to rescue you.


From what, you say?

From writer's block. From the blank page, the flashing cursor. From the time-suck of finding the right words to share your brilliant ideas to market your excellent stuff week after week after week.

I play with words so you don't have to.


I asked Paul to cover a complex and emotionally charged topic for our website. He did an excellent job of making our stance clear, logical, and readable. I would highly recommend his work to any business who needs to bring clarity to a complex message.

–Erik Greene, Founder


Stop me when I'm wrong...

Once upon a time you were a damn decent writer.

You dotted your eyes and crossed your tease. You earned top marks on papers and even published a thing or two. So why is it so hard now that you're writing for your business? Is it just because you don't have time?

You try to write but it doesn't sound like you.

You know it should, because your customers are discerning and smart—only persuaded by authenticity. But your About Page sounds stilted, stiff, formal. Academic instead of charming. Not compelling. Not conversational. Not like you at all.

You know that a picture tells a thousand words.

But you also know that the right words can develop a photo of a teddybear into a nostalgic experience. One perfect caption can lace a black-and-white picture with emotional gold.

You're full of ideas, jam-packed with stories.

But when you sit down to write a blog post or newsletter, your eyes glaze over. You're too close to the story. Struggling to be objective. Bogged down in the mire of marketing and SEO keywords—and what the hell is conversion strategy??

Your bullshit meter is strong.

Especially in these uncertain times, you want transparency. You prefer honesty and subtlety...but you also want to provide an unforgettable customer's journey to your ideal clients.

You realize success depends on your website's words and weekly outreach.

But you're not sure where to begin.

Let's take a journey.


Starts with a single step. Scroll. Whatever...

What do you seek?

(besides the holy grail)

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