Straight-up GoogleDocs templates for busy website writers


GoogleDocs templates

for busy website writers

Empower your DIY with these essential fill-in-the-blank website & content writing templates.

Just download the GoogleDoc, hit File>>Make a copy, rename, refolder, and start writing your customer's journey today

"Before the Complete Copy Kit I was spending literally hours writing stuff that didn't make sense. The templates lay out what's relevant so you can just write the content and put it online. Then I can get back to the shop."

–Sam Gellison

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Your narrative is unfolding whether you're controlling it or not

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Marketing is storytelling. The rest is all just formatting & tricks. Use the very same templates this pro copywriter uses to organize content for clients. Designed to share easily with a team for collaboration & coordination right on the page.

Cut out the middleman. This copywriting microcourse offers a one-step transition from learning & writing to uploading & publishing. Just copy/paste from GoogleDocs to your content platform, doublecheck the formatting (checklist included)—and then publish and move on to the next thing. 

Expand your horizons. Create compelling content that your audience can't wait to read. Then slice it up for social media output to help people you don't even know yet.

See the big picture. Use my content calendar template to keep track of weeks & months at a glance for a whole year. (Plus automatically get 2022 delivered to your inbox)

The clock is ticking. Save time and focus your effort on the writing, not the formatting. The storytelling, not the SEO structure. The connection...not the layout.

"I was so hung up on how to begin, I wound up doing nothing. These templates took out the guesswork. I found myself reading the instructional prompts and just hitting Return a couple times and start typing my own thing. The more I understood, the more ideas I had and now I've got my content calendar full through next month. Ok, time to write!"


What you get today

It could not be easier. Download the file, make a copy, and jump your brand narrative to the next level. Conquer your adversaries, surmount your obstacles, and share your wisdom along the way. Your audience will thank you.

GoogleDocs website writing templates

More than 10 fill-in-the-blank functional templates including:

  • Basic blog templates (with SEO prompts)

  • Website map visualization

  • Customer-centric webpage copy outlines

  • SEO strategy & formatting tips

  • Comprehensive 15-month content calendar (includes social media)

Plus bonus lessons & resources, and access to exclusive content.

All yours for just $27

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"I've hired copywriters before and none of them quite satisfied me. Maybe because my budget can't support the quality, or maybe because I'm a control freak, either way these templates helped me unleash my inner storyteller in an effective and exciting way for putting together my new content strategy on a shoestring. Someday I'll outsource to Quillpower! But today I'm a distracted genius scraping together a crazy idea and these templates are helping in a major way. Worth every penny (and more). Thanks!"

–Sora Nadine

"I'm new to GoogleDocs. It's no exaggeration to say this course has saved my ass. Once I got comfortable with the templates I was able to rewrite a much better, more focused website, which is great. But the real treasure is, that now I'm organizing my entire business; spreadsheets, content, buisiness plan, everything in GoogleDrive and our communication flow is much better. From writing and editing the blog post templates together, I learned a much better way to work together at a distance. My people said to say thank you by the way—you got the stubborn old grump out of the way of their newfangled digital process. Or whatever.

–Robert L

Would you invest $1 per day for a whole month of content strategy?

Get that and so much more—to use again and again for as many months as you can handle. The content calendar alone is worth more than the price of admission.

2021 Content Calendar Template

Don't miss your chance

I remember when I first started my writing business, I was waffling about buying an SEO course that I knew I needed. I just couldn't find the funds. It cost considerably more than this course but it was something I really needed to learn. As the window slowly closed, I told myself it would come back and I'd buy it right away.

Don't miss out on these copywriting templates

And it did come back. As part of a bigger, more expensive course.

It's called a sneak peak and it's gonna happen to the Complete Copy Kit as well, when the window closes.

Hey here's another preview: One of the bonus lessons teaches how to run your own sneak peak for your products/services.

Moral of the story is, I snapped up that more expensive course and goddamn was it worth it.


But I wish I'd had that head start.

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Holding out for more?

Okay since this is a one-time offer I'll unlock the 12 Essential Emails package for growing & servicing an email list. Develop an engaged email audience and cut through the noise of digital marketing to deliver a memorable customer experience... even from a social distance.

Add over a dozen email templates – arranged in automation sequences:

  • Opt-in Welcome sequence

  • Educational sequence

  • Promo sequence

  • Testimonial request email template

I'd tally what that's worth—but with effective emails there's literally no limit.

GoogleDocs email automation templates

Get all the content templates, website map, webpage templates, and the 2021 content calendar — and add 12 Essential Emails

for just $22 more

Did I mention I'll refund your money if you don't find it useful within 14-days? Hell you could even File>>Make a copy, request your refund, and keep on using it! But you'd never do that would you? Of course not, you're no jerk. You're just busy and ambitious.

But I ain't holding you hostage, so if the templates don't work with your process—we'll make it all go away. That won't happen to you...but if it does, you're covered. Ready?

Kickstart your website writing and email storytelling

Find your voice. Tell your story. Make it loud... Start today.

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Try it risk free for two weeks. By then you won't remember what content marketing was like before the Complete Copy Kit.

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