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Brand Story Narrator: Find Your Brand Voice

A comprehensive template for developing a Brand Voice Guide to boost consistency and human connection throughout your website & digital marketing

Brand Voice Guide template

"My brand voice guide has really helped me to understand better just what I need for creating my new brand and website, among other things. Quillpower has helped me suss out the important elements so I don't waste time or money where I don't need to."

– Abhi Surabhi, Zenula Health Services

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Marketing is storytelling.
Everything else is just tools & tricks

Every story has a narrator and an audience. In digital marketing, the narrator tells the story directly to the audience.

Your brand story narrator isn't you—it's the voice of the guide mapping a safe way through the audience's doubts & hangups toward a better life.

Good guides introduce themselves and their background, but they talk mostly about the journey ahead and what's in store. They share success stories of those who've gone before.

Good guides also make human connections with the people they're leading. They build trust by being vulnerable and transparent.

And they don't just venture forth and hope for the best. Good guides plan strategically for what they'll say (and not say), and for how they'll connect with those in their care...long before the journey begins.

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Use this free template to create your own Brand Voice Guide

Download the BRAND STORY NARRATOR PDF template/workpack to help you develop a consistent brand voice, to connect with the right audience for whatever it is you're selling.

What you'll learn

Half workpack, half template, Brand Story Narrator is a fill-in-the-blank PDF for developing key elements of your brand voice guide.

Where you go from there is up to you—just need some structure? Fill out the prompts and keep the guide for reference. Want it for wider use with a team? Use this foundation to craft your own branded guide (free on Canva).

Brand Voice Guide – fill-in-the-blank template


  • Why consistent brand voice matters

  • Brand values

  • The 6 brand archetypes

  • Brand character traits

  • Brand vocabulary

  • Tone & cadence

  • Incorporating SEO keywords & longchains

  • Using a brand voice guide with a team

  • And more...

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"I have 4 people working on marketing and operations, in 4 different states. Our shared Brand Voice Guide helps us keep everything consistent across all, social media, client management systems, or what have you. Wherever you see Elevated Edibles, our voice and style sound the same; like a living person, not some patchwork frankenstein."

– Dr. Alan McClure, Elevated Edibles Experts

Seems valuable—so why's it free?

Because understanding your brand voice is just the beginning. 

Because getting a peek behind the curtain of brand story marketing might just lead you to the conclusion that you want a professional brand voice copywriter to handle the nuances of your website development.

And you'll know right where to turn.

In digital marketing we call that a lead magnet—trading a bit of value now, for potential greater gain down the line, for all concerned.


But even if you never use Quillpower website the very least you'll learn how to voice a better website for enhancing people's lives, which means the whole world wins.

Awaken your Brand Story Narrator

Use Quillpower's own template to develop your Brand Voice & Style Guide
and plot the course for a customer's journey that leaves a lasting impression

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