Customer's journey website

(not just a signpost)

A choose-your-own-adventure ending in $$

Over 4 million blog posts are published daily—by almost 2 billion websites.

So how do you stand out? Simple:

Provide a unique experience.

Most websites sit passive, listing features and services.


Elite websites lead customers on a journey of increasing value and deepening connection to the brand. 


User experience, customer's journey—whatever you call it, it's the future (and now) of effective website copywriting.

What does your website accomplish and for whom?

Homepage leads somewhere...not just links and info

About Page is about themand how you can improve their life

Your story builds trust & connection—beyond biography and resume

Service pages address pain points & features and prices

Whether or not you're selling online, your website is a gateway to your business. Does it just creak open and wait?


Or beckon visitors inward with mosaic patterns and carvings dancing in torchlight, illuminating the journey and hinting at the treasure within?

Even if you operate by word of mouth, people look online for solutions to their problems. Using words to search.

You need good writing.

You can do it yourself—who better to tell your story? But it takes so long! 

Good writing is a 24/7 pursuit. It requires downtime, subconsciousness, latency...followed by frantic scribbling at a moment's notice.


Who has time for that? (Well I do, but that's my job.)

But if you want an effective website to attract ideal clients...fill your calendar...sell more products—you need conversion website copy and evergreen content. With compelling writing and functional SEO. 

That means good storytelling.

Demonstrate your value and showcase your expertise. Show don't tell: the writer's core credo.


We struggled for a long time with how to announce the new head of our Nantucket office to clients and contractors. Paul came in and wrote exactly the newsletter we were picturing. He nailed it.

–Heather Goodnow, PR Head

Woodmeister Master Builders

Want the secret to conversion copywriting?

Ready? It's this: Selling has always been about storytelling. Always.


And storytelling has always been about capturing attention, making a connection, and building toward...the payoff.


In a joke, that's the punchline. In an anecdote, it's the lesson. In a movie, it's the climax.


In copywriting, it's the benefits.

(not the features)

Your website is more than just a billboard. More than pretty pictures of your business.


It's a projection of your brand voice. ​It's a salesperson that never sleeps


How's yours doing? 


Working or goofing off? Selling—or just standing there looking pretty?

Does it lead potential customers on a journey through your expertise to the promised land of your incredible value?


Or does it just say, Hey here's what we do, good luck...

A treasure map is useless without eyes.

Like it or not you need SEO.​

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requires frequent engaging content incorporating words, phrases, and questions people use when searching the internet. 


The complexities fractal outward—but the elemental core doesn't change: engagement and substance


You need storytelling. Rooted in expertise.

The best way to boost SEO is a weekly blog of relevant content. Like this:

Expand your knowledge.

A business blog has 2 main purposes:

  • SEO and website portal

  • Persuade, Inform, Entertain

(remember middle-school English?)

Think of your blog as a library for enriching your customer's journey through your site.


Hook them in with SEO keywords and dazzle them with expert knowledge on the path to (sales page here).


Whatever people are searching relevant to your services—blog it down.

Raise your hand if you wish your blog would write its own damn self!

Obviously it won't (not yet anyway), but if you're done with DIY, I can offer the next best thing:

  • Turnkey copy

  • Guaranteed deadlines

  • Expert (but subtle) SEO

  • Nerd-level research

  • Master's-level writing

  • Longterm content and link strategy

  • Brand-voice consistency

  • Revision process based on your needs

The list goes on—and every project is different. First we'll have a 15-minute call about goals and expectations for your website. Then we'll talk about talking further.


Ready to quillpower your brand voice?


I asked Paul to cover a complex and emotionally charged topic for our website. He did an excellent job of making our stance clear, logical, and readable. I would highly recommend his work to any business who needs to bring clarity to a complex message.

–Erik Greene, Founder


Hold up!

Not ready for pro copywriting? Wanna DIY but better?

Try this: The Distracted Genius Guide to Crafting Killer Copy

(a printable plug-n-chug content-writing template)

Don't get left behind.

We've reached the Age of the Customer's Journey.


Website copywriting should focus on visitor experience...from pain points to emotional connection to problem & solution.


And website copy has to dance with your content output—which must be compelling, informative, and shareable.

You have less than 2 seconds to engage attention and unfold your treasuremap.

The shortest distance from A to B is story.

Who better to write your customer's journey than a novelist who's studied character and storytelling all his life?

Good marketing is character centric—Why? because life is character centric.

When I'm outlining your Ideal Customer Avatar I'm not just assembling market data—I'm character building. Can't even help it. It's my DNA.

Any conversion copywriter can build a web of links and funnels leading to a sales page.


Only Quillpower delivers 10 years of SEO experience with a novelist's appreciation for character and human story.

Together we'll storyboard your content strategy to leverage your expertise into marketing content—leading searchers to your website and through a series of choices.


Like those choose your own adventure stories we used to read—only this one ends with $$.

Doesn't your expertise deserve master treatment?

How It Works

(behind the curtain)

The genius is yours – I just give it words

Note: My custom-tailored approach means I can only take a few clients at a time. My book fills up for availability.

Step 1: Discovery & Strategy

We'll start with a 10-minute call about your goals and expectations for your website. If it makes sense to move forward, I'll put together an outline of ideas for your project. Together we'll develop this into a strategy and a scope of work, supporting a contract.


Services & Rates

Blog and Website Copywriting

Looking to quillpower
your customer's journey
with conversion website copy?

Just need blog content?

Single Post

Persuade, inform, or entertain your audience with one killer blog post (1000-1500 wds)

From $500

Jumpstart your online presence and SEO strategy with a series of targeted blog posts


Weekly posts to build your brand, expand your reach, and level up your Google ranking (2000-5000 wds/mo)

Not ready to outsource your story?

(who could blame you?)

Level up your DIY with the FREE Distracted Genius Guide to Crafting Killer Copy

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